What Type Of Video Conferencing System Is Best?

Making sure that you have the correct video conferencing system will be very beneficial for your business.

However, first of all, what is a Video Conferencing System? A Video conferencing system is a system that allows multiple users to start a conference, while at 2 different locations by using specific audio devices. In simpler terms, its like facetime using large displays instead of a mobile phone.

There are so many factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing the correct system. The 4 things to be cautious about are:

  • Lighting

    – Its key to have a balanced and evenly lit room. Having too much light behind you can make you seem dark on screen, but also having too much light in front of you can make you over exposed. Having natural light or the correct lighting above you is best as this will avoid any shadows or glare.


  • Acoustics & Audio

    – When setting up a Zoom Room, you need to take into account the sound quality and things you can do to help improve it. The worst thing you can do is build a room that isn’t set up with the correct acoustics.

    For Example:

    • If you room is overlooking a busy road or next to a busy open office – Then double-paned glass walls are ideal.
    • Having sound absorbing ceiling tiles is also ideal.


  • Furniture/Wall Colour –

    Believe it or not, having the correct color furniture can improve the quality of the picture while using the Zoom Room. Having natural colours, with a flat finish will help avoid any shine or light reflections. The best colours are pale blues, greys and beige.



  • System Specification –

    Each room needs to have the correct system designed to maximise its capabilities and offer the user so much more than just a video conferencing facility. With technology ever improving, TVs are more than just visual units. DTEN (An interactive white board manufacturer) have designed and created screens that can also act as white boards and room signage.



Here at VC systems, we make sure that every video conferencing system is designed with the end user in mind and that each room is tailored to the room and its specification.

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