Turn any space into a smart meeting room designed for inclusive collaboration, where everyone can fully participate.

Focus Room
We can scale your Teams Room up and down to fit your needs. Focus Rooms are perfect for three to five people, creating a more intimate, focused environment that removes all distractions so you can get the job done.

Medium Room
If your team is a bit bigger, we can cater to that. Our Medium Rooms are thoughtfully designed to help up to eleven people brainstorm, problem solve and get ahead without a hitch.

Large Space
If you need to gather the whole ensemble, Large Spaces are for you. Created for gatherings of eighteen or more, these Spaces are ideal for formal presentations, team get togethers and collaboration across many spheres.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are the hybrid workplaces of the future, allowing your team to participate in crisp HD from all over the world.

Teams Rooms transform your boardrooms into meccas of innovation and productivity, making remote collaboration effortless. They are perfect for events of all sizes, from 1:1 catch ups to massive virtual conferences – creating such an immersive, HD environment each time that you could forget it’s virtual. 

Teams Rooms remove the disconnect from video conferencing and allow for easy content sharing from any device, inclusive video layouts, and intelligent transcripts with rich voice recognition. Anyone from your team can spearpoint a presentation with just the click of a button thanks to remote hosting and all your data can be easily synced across devices with Microsoft apps.

These are the most secure choice on the market, with an AI-driven security team that proactively protects your privacy at all times so you don’t have to worry for a second. They also stay across detection, response and prevention, keeping your compliance and governing tip top in all areas.

All the clever fittings of a Team Rooms allow for the streamlining of the most time consuming parts of a meeting: scheduling it, booking it and sharing content. In a Teams Room, all the stress goes out the window: all these tasks can be done with one click.

The flow of people through your office may not be consistent in this day and age, but your teamwork will be.

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Effortless to use
An intuitive, easy environment to navigate, no matter your level of expertise.

One touch is all it takes to begin
Scheduling, creating and joining meetings has never been easier, with just one tap of a screen being the only thing you need to begin.

Seamless content sharing from any device
Everyone in your team can take the reins with ease thanks to wireless sharing with just one click.

Your time back for what matters
With Teams Rooms, all the most time consuming parts of a meeting are a thing of the past – now you can focus on what really needs your attention.

Microsoft Teams Room Touch Console
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Before Teams, I drove 400 kilometers to a nearby city four times a month for meetings, spending 150 euros on fuel alone. Now that we can use Teams for effective meetings from anywhere, this no longer makes sense. 

Sebastian Dull: Agency Owner, Zurich Insurance



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