All-In-One device, built for Zoom

D7 'Zoom Board', Available in 55" & 75”

The DTEN D7 is an award-winning, all-in-one, plug and play video conferencing solution for Zoom.

Some of the benefits include:

•  A single device that offers Video conferencing, document sharing and whiteboard capabilities

•  4K display, 16-array microphone set up and 120-degree camera views

•  Proprietary DSP from DTEN and Zoom keeps voices crystal clear and background noise to a minimum

• Plug-and-Play, connect power & data and sign in. It’s that simple


The DTEN Go & DTEN Mate are the latest additions from DTEN. Bring a collaborative touch to any new or existing display by using the DTEN Mate.

Some of the benefits include:

•  Extend your current display to enjoy a collaborative whiteboard experience

•  12-microphone array with 4 cameras for a clear boardroom quality audio and video.

• Plug-and-Play, its that simple!

Why Choose DTEN?

More Benefits.....

The DTEN offers a cutting-edge collaboration solution for any meeting space at a budget-friendly rate and is a seamless Zoom Rooms for Touch experience.


•  Ultra responsive touch digital whiteboard

•  One-click wireless share

•  Ultra Slim (12.7 mm) and Very Light Weight (23 Kg)

•  Detachable camera for easy maintenance

•  Windows-based solution

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