Step into the future of meetings with BYOD Rooms.

BYOD Rooms allow you to bring your own device (BYOD) and effortlessly connect to all the AV fittings required to pull off your video conference without a hitch. Our setups come complete with a camera, speaker, microphone and display always ready to go at a moments notice.

What makes them stand out is the fact that the AV is connected with a hardline, meaning you don’t have to worry about slow Wifi, patchy Bluetooth connections, or downloading the right app to get your meeting underway. You can plug in, share the content you hope to present and effortlessly hand it off to the next presenter when you’re done. This removes friction from collaboration by allowing files to be shared in real time. You can simply plug into the device that has the file and access vital information straight away instead of pausing your discussion and watching your momentum fade away while you wait for it to upload and send to the meeting host.

This flexibility promotes a free flowing work style that frees up your team’s attention from being sucked down a whirlwind of tech issues to go back to creativity, brainstorming and problem solving – where it’s always belonged. It empowers your company’s needs to dictate the terms with which it operates, meaning employees can present on whatever video conference provider and device feels most comfortable to them.

Since the majority of employees had to work from home, they became accustomed to using their own devices. BYOD is designed to streamline the transition back to working in an office by allowing them to engage with the device that feels most intuitive for them – their own. They can simply plug in their own laptop and get the presentation underway with confidence instead of fiddling around with an outdated device that they’re no longer used to.

This solution allows you to adopt a dynamic style of work by engaging with the setup based on what feels most intuitive for your goals.

BYOD Rooms are perfect for today’s fast paced corporate world, where it’s often hard to know when you’ll need to jump into a meeting, or what provider the meeting will be hosted on, but vital you can pull it off at a moment’s notice. With BYOD, you won’t have to worry about the restrictions of Teams or Zoom Rooms – you’ll be able to connect with people on whatever platform is necessary in just seconds without any technical problems.

No matter the need, device, provider or goal – BYOD Rooms are always ready to help you get to the next step.

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Your tech is ready when you are, 24/7
BYOD Rooms transform the experience of running a video conference, providing complete peace of mind that your tech will always be ready to go.

Your needs pave the way
We tailor BYOD Rooms to suit the technology you work with best, allowing you to use the video conference software of your choice.

Set up by specialists
We’re renowned for our cost transparency, reliable work and speedy execution. We work with your best interests in mind and have the results to prove it.


Rapid planning, fitting and installation 

We specialist in retrofitting your existing space, designing with the intent to create a cost effective solution that seamlessly fits in with what’s already there and can be set up as quickly as possible.

Set your space apart 

BYOD installation instantly skyrockets the value of your meeting space, elevating you from the competition with the most modern technology on offer and allowing you to increase the room’s rental cost if it’s hired out. 

Simple plug-and-play

Wifi and Bluetooth’s slow load times, lack of security, awkward software and forced app downloads are a thing of the past. When we say plug-and-play, we mean it – it’s instant and reliable, from the get go. 

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