Plantronics and Polycom are now Poly

Poly Studio E70

The Poly Studio E70 elevates your meeting room, combining crystal clear 4k video with HD stereo to bring the world to your conference call. It’s built into one device so you don’t have to worry about tricky cable connections and missing cords and can instead opt for a smooth, uninterrupted meeting experience.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Dual cameras with 4K sensors

The AI-driven lenses transition from wide shots to close up depending on who’s talking, ensuring that the focus of the meeting is always in frame and remote guests are able to watch in amazing detail as if they’re right there.

  • Rich audio quality with smart noise reduction

Thanks to two way speakers with advanced bass ports and HD microphone quality, the sound quality is nothing short of breathtaking. No matter which side of the call you’re on, you can enjoy a cinematic sound experience with NoiseBlockAI keeping any distractions at bay.

  • Seamless native experience on leading cloud video services

Poly works with all cloud video apps to ensure you can enjoy its powerful capabilities on your own terms.

Poly Studio X70 & TC8 Bundle

Poly Studio X70 & TC8 Bundle

Take your meeting to the next level with not just top of the line AV, but the industry’s most intuitive touch interface as well. The TC8 guarantees a simple setup process, collaboration with all major video solutions, and a confidence that you’ll always be able to launch, join and share in an instant.

Some of the benefits include:

  • High resolution touchscreen

Every control you’ll ever need is right in front of you, clear and accessible at all times.

  • One cable is all it takes

A single Ethernet cable is all it takes to power and communicate with your tech. Say goodbye to cord clutter for good.

  • Setup is a breeze

The TC8 comes pre-paired with your X70 right out of the box, a seamless solution from the get go.

  • Smart calendar integration

Finding your meeting and connecting can be done in a matter of seconds.

  • Intuitive controls

The TC8 makes it easy to share content, adjust the camera and change the layout of the participant screens at the drop of a hat.

Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions on Windows

Poly offers unhindered flexibility and quality no matter the specifications of your meeting room. All of these comprehensive, all-in-one solutions come equipped with a HD Poly conference camera, Poly Meeting AI technologies, an intuitive touch controller, and a mounted collaboration PC.

Focus Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 3x3M (or 10x10ft) and a team of 1-2 people, this kit comes with Poly Focus Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo). The camera quality is crisp 4K, framing automatically with the Poly AI technology to help ensure your meeting always stays on track. To complement this, the Poly NoiseBlock AI technology filters out all distracting sounds.

Small and Medium Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 4.5x6M (or 15x20ft), these solutions include Poly Small-Medium Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo). As well as offering crisp 4K and Poly’s powerful AI capabilities, the cameras in these kits offer electric zoom and automatic speaker tracking. 

Large Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 4.5×8.5M (or 15x28ft), this includes the Poly Large Room Kit + Poly Room PC for Microsoft Teams Rooms (Dell/Lenovo), with all the powerful AI and smart zoom/tracking of the Small/Medium Rooms.

Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms Solutions on Android

Microsoft Teams Rooms made groundbreakingly simple, with the TC8 replacing the need for a PC so you can begin in just a tap. Poly offers smart appliance-based solutions for Teams Rooms of any size.

Focus and Small Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 3×4.5M (or 10x15ft), this comes complete with Poly Studio X30 and TC8. It offers crystal clear 4K video quality with up to 5X digital zoom and 4.5M of microphone coverage with a single speaker output. 

Medium Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 4.5x6M (or 15x20ft), these come with the Poly Studio X50 and TC8. With the same crisp quality camera coverage and digital zoom as the smaller rooms, the Medium Rooms stand out with an extended microphone pickup – boasting a 6.5M range so every speaker can be heard. The Medium Rooms also come equipped with stereo speakers so every participant can hear in perfect detail. 

Large Rooms:

Recommended for rooms of up to 4.5×9.1M (or 15x30ft), this includes the Poly Studio G7500 and TC8. The Large Rooms have the same amazing camera quality as the smaller rooms but with enhanced capabilities such as 100 degree panning and double the zoom abilities.

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