Bring your events into stunning HD with video walls.

Transform any surface into a gorgeous digital portal of any shape, size or resolution imaginable. Our end to end video wall setups create an immersive environment for your calls, with visuals so crisp it’s like everyone is in the room.

We work with your team to find the perfect solution for your needs and provide dedicated support through every stage of the process from design to strategy, deployment, installation and training. We stay on call to help long after your solution has been implemented to ensure your video wall is always operating to its full potential.

If you want to ensure your team can engage and collaborate from afar, this is the perfect way to do so. With large format, cutting edge LED technology to provide the most stunning clarity you’ve ever seen, you can focus on smashing goals rather than wondering if you’re seeing things clearly or missing a detail.

Presenting to massive groups just became easier than ever, and you can schedule or start an event with just one touch. It’s the perfect way to host a premium video conference that fully immerses your team without the frustrating, complicated hardware setups or seas of tangled cables.

Our video walls can be operated with mobile touch based control surfaces so that you can make adjustments to your visual settings on the fly without worrying if your team’s tech guy can come fix your brightness settings before the meeting starts.

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Intuitive and simple to operate

You can bring every setting to your liking in settings without any confusion or hassle thanks to the handy mobile control device that fixes everything with just a tap.

Crystal clear graphics

Industry leading LED to bring your screen to life in stunning HD.

End-to-end support

We provide answers and help at every stage of your journey so you can be certain that you’ve got the best bang for your buck and the perfect solution for your workplace.


Solutions for every stage.

We offer complimentary design evaluations on-site to help you envision it in your space and plan for your precise needs. You can try out all our models before you pick one and be ensured we will recommend nothing but the best for your team.

We take care of everything so all you need to worry about is who you’ll call first when it’s up. Our team of highly trained, certified deployment specialists will get it up and running for you and train you on all the best practices so you’re not left in the dark for a second.

Ongoing Support
We provide ongoing support as part of your package so you can rest assured that as long as you have your video wall, it will be operating at its best. If you have any issues, concerns or questions about your user experience, we’re just a phone call away.


Ask for a free consultation now.

If you’ve been inspired by all the possibilities a video wall presents for better connecting your team, we’d love to dream with you. Just get in touch below to get access to a free on-site consultation with one of our certified specialists. It’s your chance to get an estimate for the cost, have all your questions answered by a specialist and be assured you’re being recommended nothing but the best. Our video walls can be tailored to any space, so if you have a feeling that they might be right for you, we’d love to show you why that’s true.

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