Collaboration has never been as seamless... Introducing the Surface Hub 2S.

The Surface Hub 2S is a fully integrated Windows 10 device that allows teams to intuitively collaborate no matter where they are. Combining all the best parts of a good old fashioned whiteboard with the powerful capabilities of modern technology, it enables you to take video meetings to the next level and visually brainstorm in real time.


Available in two different sizes (50 and 85) it fits intuitively into any environment, scales up and down effortlessly, and can even be taken on the go. The Surface Hub 2S can natively run any Office 365 app without requiring any extra software or devices, turning your meeting room into a true hub of connectivity.

Bring your hybrid team into perfect harmony with the Surface Hub 2S's powerful interactive capabilities:

  • Take brainstorming to a whole new level

With a powerful microphone that reduces background noise and the wide angle 4K camera, it will feel like even the most remote participants are right there in the room.

  • Visual teamwork in real time

The Microsoft Whiteboard app lets you turn your OS into a whiteboard with fast, fluid visuals. The whole team can weigh in at once, able to ink up to 20 touch points at any moment.

  • Certified for Microsoft Teams

The Surface Hub 2S works intuitively with Microsoft Teams to bring the most cohesive, functional experience possible. 

  • Solutions for effortless installs in every space

The Surface Hub 2S comes in a range of sizes so it can fit seamlessly into every space and grow as your team does. From intimate team meetings to massive group brainstorms, be certain that you can find the perfect size and accessories for every occasion. You can also take your meeting wherever inspiration strikes with the patented Mobile Stands.

  • Security assured

The Surface Hub 2S uses Windows Hello fingerprint reader to keep your data safe and allow you to get started quickly. It has firmware to keep your files secure and lets you manage your settings and policies remotely so your systems are protected at all times.

To see how the Surface Hub 2S can help your organisation unleash the power of team collaboration, contact us below!