Logitech has all the fittings required to turn your meeting room into a hub of connectivity.

Logitech solutions boast some impressive capabilities across the board:

  • Options for every space

No matter the size of your desired meeting room, we have an expansive array of offerings to turn it into a collaboration mecca.

  • Mounting options to suit every need

Whatever your vision is, we can pull it off thanks to the flexibility of different mounting options and mechanisms.

  • Clean cable management

Say goodbye to awkward cord tangles and messy setups – our cable management ensures minimal visibility and maximum efficiency.

  • RightSight AI automatic camera detection

RightSight has the ability to detect who’s in a meeting and automatically adjusts the lens and zoom to follow them around the room, ensuring everyone remains in the frame at all times.

  • Right Sound AI volume management

Right Sound smooths out any audio, automatically balancing the loud and soft speakers in the room so nobody gets left out of a discussion. It also provides exceptional clarity for every conversation by removing background noise to ensure you can get your point across easily.

Here are some Logitech products we offer:

Room Solutions for PC-Based Zoom Rooms + Microsoft Teams Rooms

Room Solutions for PC-Based Zoom Rooms + Microsoft Teams Rooms

Deploy a video conference from your PC effortlessly with video meeting solutions for every kind of space, all preconfigured to the solution you love best.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Use the PC of your choice

Logitech partners with many popular PC brands to allow for freedom of choice to make your meeting room feel yours.

  • Smart scheduling with Tap Scheduler

Finding and claiming the right space has never been easier thanks to Logitech  Tap Scheduler, which allows you to see the status of rooms, and book meetings from wherever you need. We take care of the software deployment so that you can run it with Zoom Rooms effortlessly. We also install it for you to ensure the wall mount, cable management and performance are of the highest, most durable quality Рable to provide robust service for years.

  • Commence in just one touch with Tap IP

Logitech Tap IP promises one touch joining and effortless content sharing so your meeting can go off without a hitch.

  • Interactive whiteboarding

Logitech Scribe provides the most immersive digital whiteboarding experience in the industry by combining Avocor interactive displays with Logitech MeetUp technology. This allows you to include remote members in your brainstorming without missing a beat so you can find solutions in real time.

  • Industry leading quality

Our Rally Bar boasts a spectacular quality and effortless install, able to connect with your PC by a simple USB cable.

Room Solutions for Zoom Room Appliances + Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Room Solutions for Zoom Room Appliances + Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android

Smart, pre-configured rooms where you can get a meeting underway at the tap of a button, making the need for a PC obsolete.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Run Zoom meetings without needing a computer

Thanks to RoomMate, you can connect and power your Rally System and Tap IP with the powerful Collab OS, which turns your Zoom Room into a smart, self-sustaining system that’s always ready to go.

  • Minimalist, clean look

The RoomMate and optional Compute Mount can be mounted securely and discretely, keeping cables out of the picture so your meeting room can feel clean and allow you to focus on what truly matters.

  • Partner with an audio system of your choosing

It pairs with your conference camera audio by default, but can partner with a verified audio system from any of our partner brands.

  • Seamless management

Easily manage your Logitech video collaboration devices with Logitech Sync. Monitor room health, deploy updates, and modify settings all from a single cloud-based platform. And with Sync Insights, you can see how meeting spaces are utilized over time.

Contact us to see how Logitech can help you TAP into your video conferencing needs!