Elegant Video Solutions built for Zoom & Teams

Neat’s advanced video hardware solutions support both Zoom and Microsoft Teams users for more closely connected, productive and safer hybrid work environments. Neat’s complete portfolio of devices will be certified for both Zoom and Microsoft Teams and will run Zoom and MS Rooms for Android, empowering Neat to further help drive innovation across meeting spaces to address today’s hybrid workplace needs.

Neat Bar

The Neat Bar is a simple and elegant solution designed to turn any room into a meeting room.

Some of the features include:

•  Comes with Table Stand, Wall Mount and Screen Mount.

•  5 microphones angled in an end-fire array.

•  4 x Digital Zoom, automatic people framing and 120 degrees of horizontal field of view.

• Communications and shared content encrypted with 256-bit encryption.

Neat Pad & Controller

The Neat Pad & Controller is a simple but elegant touch screen device that allows you to control a meeting of room scheduling display.

Some of the benefits include:

•  Extend your current display to enjoy a collaborative whiteboard experience

•  8-microphone array with 3 cameras for a clear boardroom quality audio and video.

• Plug-and-Play, its that simple!

Neat Board

The Neat Board is the complete all-in-one meeting room device. The 65″ inch screen allows for a multi-touch and comes equipt with a versatile wie-angle camera.

Some of the benefits include:

• Ultra HD 4k Screen

• 5 microphone angled in an end-fire array

• Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating

• Plug-and-Play, its that simple!

Neat Bar Pro

The Neat Bar Pro is a simple yet elegant device that can turn any room into a Zoom Room or Teams Room.

Some of the benefits include:

•  Capability to drive 3 large screens

•  2 extreme resolution cameras with 16x zoom.

•  Neat Audio processing, meaning no background noise and crystal clear audio.

Why Choose Neat?

Neat products are an award winning solution for your video conferencing requirements. The simple yet elegant designs make them a pioneer of video conferencing.


•  Ultra responsive touch display

•  Crystal clear audio

•  One-click wireless share

•  Advanced smart room sensor technology

•  Specifically designed for Zoom and Teams

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