Greet your guests with sleek iPad sign-in and smart security that doesn't intimidate!

Visitor management is often overlooked and sometimes added in much later than it should be. Visitor Management software allows you to streamline the way organisation manages visitors, contractors and staff on a single site or on multiple sites across the country and around the world. We can even assist with managing your office’s incoming deliveries!

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Easy Sign-In Process
Simple iPad sign in and digital record created

Badge Printing
Automatically print badges when visitors sign in

Automatically alerts employees when a visitor arrives

Digital Visitor Log
See records of each visitor and check detailed logs


A visitor management system is great for any organisation ranging from corporate offices, hospitals, corporate property managers, schools, and government buildings. You can collect accurate data and easily recall and track visitor information to help monitor employee and facility safety.


Keeping track of who’s on-site can sometimes be complicated. Take away the pain with a comprehensive sign-in solution to manage visitor identity, pre-registrations, visitor policy awareness and security alerts.

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