Maximise room utilisation and
eliminate no-shows

Meeting Room Booking Systems are essential in an office environment where multiple meeting rooms and spaces are available to staff. Room booking systems enable you to view the current availability, scheduled availability, the ability to book the room for later that day or to assist in finding other rooms that are available elsewhere in the building – all at your fingertips.

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View Room Availability
See if the room is currently in-use and when the next time the room is booked out

Instantly Book Rooms
Instantly book a room without having to go through your desktop calendaring system

Find a Room Map Integration
View the floor maps of your building and check rooms availability from any room

Maximise Room Utilisation
The room control will release the room reservation if the user does not check-in or utilise the Rooms functionality

Room Booking

The room booking systems are synchronized with your calendar system (Exchange/Google etc) so will always show the most up to date meetings and availability. And if you reserve the room or cancel the booking this will reflect on your main calendar.


Room booking systems are now also inexpensive, so even if you only have 2-3 meeting rooms in your office, you can still benefit from a room booking system.

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