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The TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is a leader in conference audio technology, combining the advantages of a boundary microphone with an array one to provide the world’s best solution for conferencing and in-room audio alike. This groundbreaking tool is easy to install and integrate and offers flexibility in its setup thanks to its smart mount system. With the all new TruVoicelift and advanced zone control, the Ceiling 2 boasts more audio control than ever possible. Now you can highlight a single area in your space as the focus and create up to 5 exclusion zones to filter the sound out of, so any unwanted noise is removed before it can disrupt your meeting.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Background noise filtration

The impressive TruVoicelift technology enhances speech intelligibility with targeted amplification, whilst simultaneously removing distracting noise from the exclusion zones.

  • Full control from anywhere

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit allows you to streamline your digital workflow, operating and monitoring your mic from anywhere in your network.

  • Seamless integration, pairing and install
    The Ceiling 2 offers flexibility and agility, pairing with AVer USB cameras effortlessly to create an unbeatable AV setup in just minutes. It’s powered by a simple Ethernet cable, which makes its integration process simple.

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