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PepsiCo is a world leading food and beverage manufacturer, and also own the popular Smiths Snackfoods brand. They’ve been around since 1898, boasting an incredible reach of more than 200 countries around the world.

PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand had several challenges with their outdated codec-based systems. These systems were not fully compatible with Zoom meetings and often needed to be restarted. Additionally, wireless content sharing was not possible, and there were regular problems with microphone pickup and coverage across their meeting rooms.

PepsiCo sought a reliable solution and enlisted the help of VC Systems. Together, we designed new meeting rooms that met global standards and complied with security and architecture requirements. VC Systems also provided non-standard equipment to address audio challenges and meet the unique needs of each room type.

“PepsiCo’s successful transition to Zoom Rooms has been largely due to the partnership with VC Systems. They provided hyper-care and exceptional ongoing maintenance support for all equipment and rooms across Australia & New Zealand.
If you’re looking for a reliable video conferencing system and a valuable partner to help you meet your requirements, we highly recommend working with VC Systems”
Roneel Ram – CTO & Delivery Lead – ANZ
Zoom Rooms was found to be an ideal solution due to its wireless content sharing, ease of use, and flexibility for various room types and hardware compatibility. Users and staff at PepsiCo have given positive feedback on the new Zoom rooms, highlighting ease of starting, joining meetings, and wirelessly sharing content as the most loved features. Interactive whiteboards and other features included in Zoom Rooms have also received positive feedback.

The project included a variety of meeting rooms, each with its own specific needs. Small meeting rooms were equipped with all-in-one DTEN Zoom Boards, providing a simple and easy-to-use solution for video conferencing and collaboration. Medium rooms were upgraded with Biamp microphones for extended audio coverage, along with the all-in-one DTEN Zoom Boards.

For larger executive boardrooms, we installed dual screens and interactive companion whiteboards, along with Poly Tracking cameras and Biamp microphones and ceiling speakers. This ensured that the room had the necessary audio and visual capabilities to handle large-scale meetings. Large training spaces that could seat up to 30 people were also upgraded with dual screens and interactive companion whiteboards. These rooms utilised a presenter facing PTZ camera and an audience-facing camera for various room modes, ensuring that everyone in the room could participate and engage in the training.

The main boardroom at the head office was a critical component of the project, as it could be combined with three additional training rooms in any number of configurations. To control the various room modes, we installed an AMX control system, providing a simple and intuitive way for the client to manage their meetings.

Throughout the project, we used a mix of advanced technology, including AVer CAM520 PTZ and Polycom EagleEye Director II Auto-Tracking Cameras, Biamp Ceiling and tabletop microphones, and Biamp DSPs. This allowed for seamless communication and collaboration, even in large and complex meeting spaces.

If you’re looking to upgrade your meeting rooms with advanced technology, our team has the expertise and experience to design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs.


January 20, 2022
Zoom, Meeting Room, Collaboration
PepsiCo Australia