How can a Zoom Room help you and your business grow?

With the way technology is developing, it’s no wonder that employers are allowing employees to work remotely either from their homes, coffee shops or setups like We Work. It’s all made easier by the availability of technology that allows business owners/managers to confidently let their employees work remotely with the confidence that work is getting complete.


So how can a Zoom Room help you and your business?


  • Simple to use – Zoom has been designed and created in a way that makes it very simple to use. It allows users from all around the world to connect, as if they were in the room next door as its runs HD Video and Audio. Meetings can consist of 1, 2 10, 100 or even upto 1000 people and still run ultra smooth HD Video and audio. You can join a meeting, share your screen and even invite other people with a touch of a button.


  • Multifunctional – With a system designed to accommodate upto 1000 people, it needs to be multifunctional. Not only can it offer a conference room experience, it also has a Webinar function that can supportĀ  10,000+ attendees and upto 100 live panelists. With so many people potentially part of meetings/webinars, there are so many features that can help keep people motivated during the meetings. Polls, breakout rooms, Q&As are just a few things that are available.


  • Integration – Integration between different systems is going to be the norm over the next 20 years with technology ever progressing. However, seamless and trouble free integration ranks higher in the eyes of consumers. Zoom does just that!! With integration available between Gmail, Outlook, Poly, Microsoft Teams and many more, Zoom has become the go to Video conferencing solution.


  • Office Collaboration – It’s ironic to say, as we all work so close together in an office, that a chat/VC system can bring us closer together. This is what Zoom chat and Zoom Rooms can do for you and your business. With the click of a button, you can change from an individual or group chat, to a Zoom meeting. This is certainly helpful if you are working on a project with other staff members and you are all working remotely, within seconds you can bounce ideas off each other, use the white board function and end the meeting just as swiftly.


Zoom and Zoom Rooms are more than just a Video Conferencing solution. They are paving the way to make businesses run smoother and for the world to be connected much easier.


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