AFAP Customer Testimonial

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots was looking for a video conferencing solution to suit their communication requirements. They looked at many options finally settled on Zoom plus high-quality cameras and speakerphones for their conference rooms. The project was driven by Ray Aspinall, the AFAP Office Manager, and after using the system he sent the following testimonial.

“The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) utilizes Zoom to conduct Video Conferences between our Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offices. We also use each office’s Zoom facilities to conduct VC meetings and Webinars with various pilot groups across Australia which includes both regular and ad hoc meetings.

Our experiences with Zoom software have all been positive and beyond our expectations. Zooms capabilities are wide ranging. It is easy to use, provides high quality desktop image quality and application sharing for documents, photos and video clips and allows us to invite new participants at will.

As a result of implementing Zoom, we have been able to reduce staff travel costs which will contribute to an early return on investment. A key factor for us using Zoom  at the AFAP is that a VC can be initiated by end users without any technical knowledge or the need for assistance. Our members who have witnessed Zoom in action have all provided positive feedback.  What a great product!.

The actual office product installation was completed in a timely and totally professional manner.

Ray Aspinall
Office Manager”


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