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State of Video Conferencing 2018

State of Video Conferencing 2018

Excerpts from an article from Owl Labs -

The report was based on US companies but most of the findings will also apply to Australian companies.

45% of companies choose Zoom or Skype for Business over all other options.

Owl Labs recently released the 2018 State of Video Conferencing report. Companies' need for effective video conferencing is growing as remote work becomes increasingly common. In fact 52% of US-based employees are already working from home at least once per week. The report helps businesses understand and assess the most effective options based on the growing needs of the market. Results are based on the survey responses of 1,152 video conferencing users.

Most notably the report discovered that companies' top video conferencing choices include Zoom Video Communications and Skype for Business, which today hold 45% of the market. However, there was a clear preference based on company size, with 64% of companies with 500 or more employees using Skype for Business, and 72% of companies with 500 or fewer using Zoom.

When selecting a video conferencing solution, simplicity was the number one priority with 45% of companies choosing their solution based on its ease of use. Also, quite surprising was executives' high involvement in the video conferencing selection process. In 58% of organizations, executive influence was required when choosing a video conferencing solution. This percentage remained incredibly consistent even as a company's employee size increased, signaling that many executives prefer to stay involved no matter the stage of company growth.

When investigating overall customer satisfaction, Zoom significantly outperformed all other solutions. Specifically, Zoom customers rate their solution more than 2x higher than the industry average.

Other findings include:

  • 93% of people agree that video conferencing is effective at improving the connectedness of remote employees.
  • Zoom, Skype for Business, and Google Hangouts are the most used amongst growing companies.
  • 89% of companies still use multiple video conferencing platforms.
  • On average, a company switches between 2-3 different conferencing solutions.
  • 31% of C-level executives would like to know the engagement level of their last meeting.
  • 27% of the time, a team's #1 challenge with video conferencing is finding and booking conference rooms.
  • Companies with 5,000-10,000 employees struggle the most with having enough conference rooms.
  • Today the far majority of conference rooms have a TV or monitor. Very few use tablets to manage meetings.
  • Companies with 200 or more employees are 3x more likely to use tablets to manage their conference rooms.
  • Zoom and Slack earn highest customer satisfaction ratings on G2 Crowd.