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DTEN Interactive Touch Display

DTEN Interactive Touch Display

Yes, Zoom is great when using it with your laptop, but for group meetings, Zoom Rooms converts any meeting space into a ready-to-use video room, with features normally reserved for expensive custom AV installations.

Highlights of Zoom Rooms include:

- High quality video, audio and web conferencing for Mac, PC or Touchscreen

- Screen sharing with Wi-Fi, Airplay or wired HDMI connection

- Integrates with Google or Microsoft Exchange calendar

A typical Zoom Room includes video cameras, speakerphone, PC or Mac to run the Zoom software, and an iPad controller.

The new DTEN D7 incorporates all of those components in one lightweight unit, just mount the TV on a wall, plug in power and internet, and you are good to go! Plug and play, frictionless, requiring zero user training and zero IT support. Anyone can easily set it up and connect.

The D7 includes:

- 55in high-quality interactive touch screen, so it can also be used as a whiteboard outside of video meetings. Digital whiteboarding with ultra responsive touch technology - natural touch and writing.

- 4K camera provides face-to-face experience from multi-located participants

- 16-elements microphone array can pick up voice over 10 metres, covering an entire meeting room.

Find out more about our Zoom Room hardware here

PanaCast 2 Video Camera

PanaCast 2 Video Camera

The PanaCast is the world's first Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play USB Video Camera. With its ultra-wide field of view of up to 180º wide and Panoramic-4K resolution, PanaCast delivers exceptionally clear video with a natural human visual perspective delivered in real-time.

PanaCast works with your favorite web collaboration apps without requiring any driver or software installs. Share a natural and pleasing experience with co-workers and friends.

In the PanaCast camera, images from three different imagers are captured to deliver true panoramic video without fisheye distortion.

What Users are Saying:

"The new PanaCast 2 camera, combined with Intel® Core™ processor-based PCs, brings visual collaboration experience to a new level of clarity for users."
Jay Kirkland |  VP, General Manager of the Reference Systems & Technologies Group within Intel's Client Computing Group

"With PanaCast, students feel like it's one classroom. They can glance at the panoramic video and see their classmates, no matter how far away they really are."
Stuart Evans |  Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

"(PanaCast 2) is a very different form factor than the usual 1080p camera that we are using elsewhere in the lab. You can see it has no seams and it's a very good picture quality."
Robert Scoble |  Startup Officer at Rackspace

VC Systems uses the PanaCast camera as an option in our Zoom Rooms


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Aver Review

Aver Review

"Impressive” VC520 Conference Camera picks up more acclaim

Reviewers agree- AVer’s VC520 Conference Camera is perfect for getting the big picture from your office! This time it was the UK’s PC Pro magazine, which praised the VC520’s “excellent” audio quality, provided by a speakerphone with a 9 meter wide range, and its “star performer” camera with sharp, lifelike images. PC Pro isn’t the first to be impressed: the US’s PC Magazine granted its Editor’s Choice award and ZDNet, TechNewsWorld, FierceEnterpriseCommunications and others were also taken with the VC520’s quality and ease of use.

 Read the review:

Aver Cameras

Aver Cameras

After a testing period, we have decided to recommend the Aver cameras as our main option when setting up a cloud-based video conferencing solution such as Zoom.

They are professional grade cameras designed to meet the unified communications and collaboration needs of a variety of businesses. Widely compatible and ideal for numerous applications and integration with other equipment, its full HD 1080p 60fps capability ensure high-quality real-time communication whether in conference rooms or industrial environments. Moreover, Cam520 provides a USB connection, perfect for software- or cloud-based video collaboration and other applications that require very high quality video.

Boasting pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and 12X optical zoom, the Cam520 will meet your needs for any kind of collaboration. Their quick auto-focus, fast lens, large aperture, subtle movement steps, and wide angle ensure an unbeatably smooth and lifelike video experience.

No need to waste time panning and zooming manually during meetings – simply preset up to 10 locations ahead of time on the remote control, and you can shift the camera from a wide view of the room to a close-up of an object with just the press of a button.

Simply plug the USB connector into a desktop or laptop, and you’re ready to go! With no need for device drivers, the Cam520 are able to provide top-quality video images at any time.