Haileybury School opened its doors in 1892 with five staff and 17 students. In over 125 years the School has changed dramatically to become one of the leading private schools in Australia with campuses in Keysborough, Brighton, Berwick, Melbourne (City), Beijing (China) and Darwin (to open in 2018).

The school was looking for a video conferencing solution to link their various campuses, students, parents and other stakeholders. They chose Zoom as the software, and decided to fit out more than 30 conference rooms with high-quality cameras and audio to get the best performance from their Zoom meetings. After thorough testing, they installed AVer cameras for the video, and BiAmp ceiling microphones for the audio. They have been extremely happy with the end results of the whole package of Zoom/Zoom Rooms/AVer and BiAmp, and it has provided Haileybury with a powerful tool to enhance their learning experience in a simple and natural way. 

"I've already recommended Zoom and AVer cameras to other schools; they've all asked us what we've been using, we've been telling them AVer and Zoom through and through and I can see people jumping on board already" Dale Eaton - IT Services Team Leader

VC Systems recommends AVer cameras for our Zoom Room installations, and there is a range of models to suit various sizes of meeting rooms.