Zoom Security Update

As you may already be aware, Zoom has recently had quite a number of press articles addressing concerns around their security, We wanted to provide you with some of the official responses from Zoom along with some articles to ensure your account is secure, along with some how to guides for a successful deployment.

Much of this additional scrutiny is because Zoom’s platform was built primarily for businesses like yours – organisations with full IT support. Thousands of enterprises have completed in-depth security reviews of our application, network, and data layers and confidently selected Zoom as their vendor of choice. Zoom have experienced a much broader set of users that are using the Zoom product in a myriad of unexpected ways. These are mostly consumer use cases and users. These use cases have uncovered a handful of new issues that have been picked up and widely documented by the media in recent days.

For all official responses from Zoom, please visit their blog. We have highlighted below some of the main articles below for you.


Offical response from Eric Yuan Click Here

Tips for managing a remote team Click Here

Securing your virtual classroom Click Here

Using Zoom for Telehealth and Virtual Care Click Here

The facts around Encryption for meetings & Webinars Click Here

How to keep uninvited guests away Click Here

Zoom & Facebook’s SDK in iOS Client Click Here

Zooms Privacy Policy Click Here


If you or anyone within your organisation have any concerns or questions regarding the security of Zoom, please do not hesitate to reach out, and we will be happy to answer.

We’d also like to offer our services to run through all of your account security settings together for peace of mind, please reach out to use today to arrange a time to do this together.