How can video conferencing help in education?

With an increase in online studying, it’s never been more important to stay connected with your students or tutors. Here are the top reasons why Video Conferencing is important in education:

  • Long Distance Learning
  • Encourages Learning at your own pace
  • Allows face-to-face conversations
  • Reduce costs
  • Increases engagement
  • Shared Resources
  • Parent-Teacher Communication
  • Record Lessons

Long Distance Learning:

Online learning has grown over the years at a very fast rate. The ability to do a university degree in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace is more appealing than sitting in a classroom and having to be somewhere at a specific time. It also benefits people living in remote areas and gives them the opportunity to gain that university degree or extra qualification. Zoom allows both video and voice conversations to assist with long distance learning. 

Encourages Learning at your own pace:

Most university courses are either 3, 4, 5 or even 6 years long and are always on campus where you have to attend lectures at a certain time. One of the benefits with online learning is that you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you need. Zoom allows students to stay in contact with their tutor and ask questions as and when needed. The option to send files, share a  screen and make voice calls allows for open ended and seamless communication.

Allows Face-To-Face Conversations:

One of the benefits with using video conferencing is that it brings together students and tutors but also allows experts to give lessons to students without being there in person. All the school needs to do is start a webinar, invite the expert and everything is good to go. Not only will students on site be able to attend but remote students can join live or watch back the recording as and when needed. 

Reduce Costs:

The cost of running an office or a school can be quite high with paying for rent, utilities, and other things. The advantage of running video conferencing software, is that it reduces your overheads but is still as convenient as calling someone on the phone. 

Likewise for the student, if they don’t have to pay for travel, parking, fuel etc….it’s another time and cost saving for them.

Increases Engagement:

If a student is working remotely, then there is a chance that they will feel disconnected and not part of the class, this will ultimately result in reduced engagement. The advantage of using Zoom is that with instant messaging and conference calling available, it will help increase engagement between the student and tutor. 

Shared Resources:

During a Zoom conference call you have the option to share documents via share screen. The host can give participants permission to share their screen or they can turn that feature off. By Simply selecting the Green “Share Screen” button, users have the option to share a certain screen, specific web page or even document. 

Parent-Teacher Communication

Not only does video conferencing benefit the students and teacher, but makes teacher/parent catch ups even easier. A busy schedule for parents can make it difficult to organise catch ups and meetings, but using video conferencing can allow out of hours calls at more suitable times. Not only does it make it easier for video calls, but phone calls and chat are also available to make it easy. 

Record Lessons

We feel this to be one of the best features that Zoom have added in. It’s made this whole process even easier and more attractive to educational institutes. Gone are the days of missing an important lesson, or not remembering to write down important notes. Having the record facility available allows students to catch up when they are unable to attend lessons and can help with revision. 

Zoom have created some useful resources:

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