Zoomtopia 2019 is officially over but the updates that were released are still a hot topic of conversation in the Video Conferencing world.

After attending the local ANZ boot camp for Zoom Partners it was a great chance for us to find out more about the updates that were talked about at Zoomtopia to help us learn and continue to grow our service we provide all of our fantastic clients.

Here is a brief breakdown on the key takeaways from both events:


Customers asked and Zoom delivered. This is one of the best updates of the year adding great functionality to the complimentary room booking system already offered from Zoom.


If you are wanting to book a room on the fly, and the first room you come too is booked, there is now a function that you can see a map of the floor showing the available rooms at that time.

Instantly, you can select the available room, time you need it, and you’re good to go. This takes room booking to the next level of simplicity.


This may not sound like a hugely significant update, but we can promise you it is. Zoom has now added the function where an interactive 3rd display can become a white board during a Zoom call, or you can use it independently as a whiteboard when you are not in a Zoom meeting. DTEN are Zoom’s preferred interactive screen, and for good reason – they’re great, they look awesome and are a pleasure to use. Once you are finished with your white boarding session, you can also email the the file to any email address you like as a JPEG or PNG.


Being rolled out in January 2020 is this cool feature, notes and voice notes. Again, you might be thinking why is this even article worthy as note taking is standard in everything we currently do at work, however, Zoom is revolutionising the way notes can be taken to make it so much easier.

During calls/meetings you are going to be able to write notes and even create a voice note mid conversation. The notes/voice notes will be stored on the Zoom Cloud and can be downloaded and accessed as and when you need them. Not only will this avoid the situation where you have misplaced your notebook or scribbled on napkin, it will hopefully help save a few trees too!


One of the most impressive announcements, we thought, was live transcriptions in multiple languages.

Zoom have teamed up with AI company Chorus.ai to not only deliver a transcript service, but a live transcript service. It doesn’t matter if you are calling someone in Sao Paulo, Berlin or Hong Kong, just turn on the live transcript and you will get a live feed of what is being said. This is obviously aimed at the larger global organisations who’ll have interpreters available for larger company meetings, but it does go to show how far ahead of the curve Zoom are.

Separately, if you turn on transcriptions, it will transcribe the whole meeting. It will then save as an MP3 or .TXT file and you can use it to go back through the meeting and take down your own notes as needed. This update is going to be available from January 2020.

Zoom listens, a lot of the above updates and new features came via feedback from existing customers about how they use the system or how they would like to use the system, there’s not many companies that we are aware of who implement so many feature requests from clients so quickly.

If you would like to take a closer look at how Zoom can work in your organisation or in your office, please contact us and we will be happy to help with all things Zoom related. Call us on 1300 165 355, email sales@vcsystems.com.au or complete the below contact form.