Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms is the world’s first Software-Defined Video Conferencing system that runs in your Conference Rooms. They are affordable, flexible and easy to use.

Revolutionize the way your team uses conference and huddle rooms.

  • Put high quality video, audio and web conferencing in any size rooms with just a Mac mini or a PC, iPad for the controller, camera, speaker and monitor
  • Screen sharing with Wi-Fi, Airplay or wired HDMI connection (You can even share a video clip with audio!)
  • Integrates with Google or Microsoft Exchange calendar for easy scheduling and single tap joining.

When Zoom was introduced, efficiency went up—bottom line. Zoom has really enabled Solar City to expand nationally and even internationally.

When walking through our offices, instead of just seeing plain old powerpoint, you are starting to see faces—on desktops, in our conference rooms with Zoom Rooms and even on mobile devices. The adoption has really been amazing.”

Leo Gomez, A/V Systems Engineer,  SolarCity